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Take Some Time for You

Many Americans find themselves becoming family caregivers after a sudden illness of a spouse or loved one, but oddly many spouse caregivers do not identify as caregivers. When caregivers do not self-identify as a caregiver, it makes it difficult to allow for self-care. When caregiver’s name themselves as such they can have the normal feelings of frustration, resentment, fatigue, and grief.

Caregiver’s have to find a new normal in the face of possible financial hardships, loss of friendship, relationship, and intimacy, and they can be blind to the fact that their selfless act of caring impairs their ability to take care of themselves.

If you are experiencing fatigue, lack of sleep, irritability, work performance decline, and financial strain, it is time to reach out for respite care. Reach out to extended family members for assistance and time off.

Please research available support services in your city and county to find the support you need and deserve. If you live in the Mid-Missouri area is a great resource for information on aging adult nutrition, caregiver’s in Missouri, home- and community-based services, as well as senior and disability services.

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