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Respite Care Recharge

You don’t have to care for your loved one alone. Respite care can give you the time and space you need to recharge.

The coronavirus pandemic and the aftermath of city shutdowns have made difficult caregiving roles much harder, increasing isolation and limiting resources. Being a family caregiver comes with normal restrictions that are involved with giving around-the-clock care to a loved one. While the impact of COVID-19 has been restrictive to people’s lives, the external restrictions have compounded that negative impact on family caregivers. However, there is help available.

For family caregivers, COVID-19 is causing an increase of disconnectedness and isolation. They are finding fewer things to do, less to prepare for and fewer activities available or possible. BLJ Home Care trained in-home senior care professionals provide respite care so primary caregivers can have some time off. The arrangements can be made for a morning, several days or weeks, and care can be provided at home, in an adult center or at a healthcare facility.

Even under the best circumstances, caregiving can be a challenge. For many family caregivers, the daily tasks they perform for their loved ones are more complex due to the corona virus. Caregivers not only have to take extra steps to care for their personal health and mental wellbeing, but there are now additional protective requirements. States and counties have a number of services and supports for family caregivers, but resources like senior centers and adult day programs are operationally restricted or may have terminated services.

BLJ Home Care respite care affords family caregivers the ability to rest, travel, reflect, shop and connect with other family members and fellow caregivers. We help you, the primary caregiver, do essential activities like run errands, recharge, vacation and be socially active; we allow caregivers to get away from the monotonous role of caregiving for a short period of time.

Although restricted, it is imperative now more than ever that family caregivers partner with a trained in-home senior care professional, which will allow time for hobbies and other activities that help improve mood and peace. Respite care helps you to hold onto to your sense of self, and short breaks from the caregiving role can renew your perspective on the world and your role as caregiver.

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