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Safe Spaces for Seniors

When a loved one is at risk of falls there are a number of things a caregiver can do to minimize that risk. Use these tips as a guide.

  1. Evaluate the floors within the home. Make sure rugs are fastened to the floor and or fitted with non- skid backing. Rugs or runners with loose ends or corners should be tacked down.

  2. Make sure that electrical cords from hairdryers, cell phones or radios are clear from any walking areas. Never leave out devices with long cords such as laptops and vacuums.

  3. Keep items in the kitchen within arms reach so that your loved one won’t need to climb above or bend down too low.

  4. Do not get out of the shower and bath with wet feet because it can create a slippery pathway.

  5. Place handrails on both sides of the staircase so that a loved one can use both hands for support. It’s a great idea to install extra handrails in the bathroom near the shower and the toilet.

  6. Keep bedroom tidy and clear of clutter and observe any changes in balance and reaction to new medications.

  7. If there are pets in the home, do not allow them to jump on your loved one.

Following these simple guidelines can help keep your loved one safe at home.

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