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Connect to the Earth Through Gardening

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

"The home gardener is part scientist, part artist, part philosopher, part plowman. He modifies the climate around his home."

—John R. Whiting

The little "c" word that everyone is tired of hearing, or saying, is causing us to distance ourselves from the people we love; however, it is a perfect time to connect to the earth.

As a society, we have grown to depend on grocery stores to provide nourishment for us, but now under new circumstances, some retail stores pose a risk to exposure to the coronavirus. Now is a great time to live off your land—or your porch—and grow a family garden using felt pots.

Due to social distancing, seniors may not have access to their strong son or a handy neighbor to help till a garden's soil. Using felt pots are an easy convenient method to grow produce especially root crops. Felt pots are lightweight and prevent water logging issues so water doesn't pool around the roots of the crop. In addition, felt container tops can roll down to allow more sunlight to the plant; it will also roll up as the plant grows. Some appropriate crops to grow in pots include potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, lettuces, herbs and jalapeño peppers.

Many gardeners recommend adding gravel do the bottom of felt pots; however, sponges will also work. Cut them in half and add them to the bottom of the pot. The sponge will soak up water and act as a water reservoir, releasing water when the soil runs dry. When using pots with a drainage hole place coffee filters in the bottom, add soil and sprinkle seeds onto the soil.  

And, though it may seem harmless, remember to practice these four safety tips in the garden.

  1. Wear appropriate clothing.

  2. Use a wide-brimmed hat to block the sun.

  3. Wear shoes with a gripping sole.

  4. Wear gloves to protect skin from pricks.

Beyond nutrition, gardening can reduce anxiety or feelings of agitation while social distancing. It can be a beneficial hobby to take on while staying home throughout this world crisis, so dig in and connect to the earth.

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