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Summer Hydration

It is finally the time of year that everyone is outside. Swimming pools are open, farmers' markets are full of fresh produce, and jackets are nowhere to be seen.

As the sun is out longer every day and the temperature begins to rise, our body aches for more hydration.

Staying hydrated can sometimes seem like a task rather than a necessity. But being hydrated is one of the most important aspects of our health. A good thing to know is that hydrating doesn’t have to come solely from water.

Water may be too dull for you but that okay because there are numerous ways to stay hydrated and add a pinch of flavor.

Infusing fruit into your water such as lemons, strawberries, raspberries can all bring out a sweet flavor. This can also be fun by changing different fruits every day.

We all have a schedule that we follow most days, well now we can make drinking water a part of our schedules by having certain times where we really focus on drinking water.

One of the best ways to make staying hydrated fun is getting a reusable water bottle. That way every time you see it you know that it is time to drink water. You can even buy water bottles with scheduled times that you are supposed to drink.

Crunchy and juicy vegetables are also a great way to stay hydrated. These include cucumber, celery, tomatoes, spinach, and more.

Staying hydrated doesn’t always have to be a task. Make it fun by adding in any of these suggestions. You will stay hydrated while also putting nutritious food in your body.

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