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Pass the Mayo

The best sandwiches are no accident: You have to balance the crunch, against the main components, choose the perfect bread and the right amount of mayo if any at all. The sandwich goes beyond borders, it unites cultures, people, and various palates.

Similar to a gourmet sandwich, middle-aged adults are balancing raising their young children and taking care of their aging parents. That’s right, millennials taking care of baby boomers-yikes.

Just like everything else, Covid-19 has had an impact on all of us. Parents are not only becoming caregivers, but they are also becoming their children’s teachers.

Raising children and taking care of parents can be hard. But the key to a perfect sandwich is balance.

Making sure your sandwich is gourmet requires your lettuce to be crisp and the bread is just to your liking. Do the same for yourself and make sure your mental and physical health is taken care of. Sometimes, you need to pass the mayo.

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