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Missouri Morning

Cornfields line the roads for miles, the Eastern Bluebird chirps in the trees. Summertime in Missouri is finally here!

Summer is a great time for caregivers and their loved ones to experience all the wonderful things that the warm weather brings.

With that being said, it is very important to keep in mind a few steps that seniors should take when spending time outside on a warm summer day.

Here are a few summers safety tips that we should keep in mind:

1. Sunscreen

Vitamin D makes us feel so good in the summer. But the UV rays can harm our skin. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is the way to go. Always apply sunscreen before going outdoors and every hour while outdoors.

2. Hats and Sunglasses

Although wearing sunscreen protects your skin, wearing a hat or visor is another important step that seniors should be taking when going outside on a hot day. Sunglasses are also important for eye protection.

3. Stay Hydrated

Hot summer days require even more hydration than normal. But it doesn’t have to come from just water. Seasonal fruits such as watermelon, are great ways to increase fluid intake. Don’t forget to pack a water bottle when going outside.

4. Bring a Friend

Going outside while keeping all these important steps in mind can be a lot to handle for a day outing. That is why bringing a caregiver outside with you is an essential part of going outside. Caregivers can lend a helping hand to you, always

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